Liberia Info

The Republic of Liberia is located on the west coast of Africa and is home to approximately 3.7 million people. Although the official language is English, there are over 30 indigenous languages spoken here.


Liberia has 360 miles of breathtaking coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that we have the second largest number of lagoons in the world. The abundance of beautiful rivers, lakes, as well as lagoons, contribute to the natural beauty of our landscape and our large unspoiled rainforest.


Liberia has two seasons, the Rainy Season, from May–October, and the Dry Season, where the climate is tropical and filled with sunny skies for the remainder of the year.

In 2005, Liberia elected Africa’s first female president, Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirlfeaf. With over 10 years of peace, we are pleased to say we are on a steady rise to recovery. Liberia is filled with friendly and hospitable people driven by hope. We offer a rich and diverse history and culture.