Surfers in Roberts PortLiberia's surfing capital, Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County, is home to some of the country's most beautiful hills, white sandy beaches, and hiking trails. Hike up Mount Cape, where the mountain's water fall lies, and bask in the views of some of Africa's most breathtaking scenery.


Grand Cape Mount County is indigenous to one of the worlds only existing original scripts known as Vai Script, which was created and perfected by the people of the Vai Tribe.


Enjoy the experience of tribal cultural performances, storytelling, and gain vast knowledge about the tribe and its history.


Journey to the county's tidal lagoon commonly known as Lake Piso. Various rivers including Mole Creek and Mafa River converge into Lake Piso making it the country's largest lake. A number of islands in the lake were used as safe havens for some during the civil unrest. 


After a scenic drive including live commentary through Liberia's Southern west region, indulge yourself with a delicious lunch located right on the beach. Robertsport became the home to many returning settlers in the 19th Century, and is scattered with remarkably large plantation-style homes resembling those of the South in the United States.